Reclaimed Wood Frame

  • $46.00

The Reclaimed Wood Frames are truly along the lines of a masterpiece, assembled from salvaged wood moldings in houses destined for demolition. The Reclaimed Wood Frame is a perfectly worn work of art that looks as if it were carried by the tides straight into your home, marvelously accenting any mantle, counter, shelf, or table with a barn like flair but standing as a must have for homes of any style. All beautifully different thanks to the reclaimed scaffolding element and able to be hung or set horizontally or vertically. Each frame carries an original artwork from recycled materials as place holders for an extra eco-friendly kick. 

  • Dimensions: 4x6 - 7W x 9H, 5x7 - 8W x 10H, 8x10 - 11W x 13H
  • Material: Recycled Wood

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